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Book Page Art

I should start this post by giving credit where credit is due... my dear friend, Brandon Houck, and I were watercolor painting one night (yes we do that and it's a grand time), when he told me he wanted to try painting on a recycled book page. I was intrigued by this idea, and his art turned out to be fabulous when done! If you want to check it out or are interested in purchasing some of his art, you can head on over to his Facebook page and shoot him a message. #SupportLocalArtists ...

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Personalized Box Purse Under $15

This is quick DIY since I had chapter tonight - but totally useful for all the Mardi Gras & Debutante balls coming around these days. I attended my first of the season last weekend, Karnival Krewe de Louisiane, and it was a B L A S T. Only negative? I had the most basic purse there, and it didn't even really match what I was wearing... And I think I saw it two more times on other gals there. So I knew I was trendy, but bland and conforming to what everyone else had? Not my style. Thus I ...

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The Best Chest

Before getting into this post, I want you to do something for me. Close your eyes for 15 seconds (well finish reading this sentence first), and think of that piece of furniture you have that you don't like, but need it for it's functioning purposes. Okay, go. I'm sure something came to mind - whether that's a chest, a chair, a cupboard - or anything. Doesn't have to start with a "c" like those three - I just like being creative, ha-ha get it? Seriously! Dressers, chests, tables, all of ...

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