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Oversized Luggage Tags

I'll say one thing millennials do not get hated on for is their love of travel, and I'm no exception here. Traveling is fun, and if you have the ability to do it while you're young, why not?! In the spirit of traveling to Las Vegas this Friday for my good gal pal, Katie, as we celebrate her 21st birthday, I decided to DIY some luggage tags. It's also a #grattim* to do these before traveling for the holidays, because no other luggage tag will ever be the same. So the chance of someone grabbing ...

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Mini Birthday Crowns

Sunday my sister turned 19 (holy cow...), and after picking my jaw up off the ground, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to do two things: 1. Make a custom birthday souvenir for her and her guests and 2. Type it all out for y'all and make a fun blog post so everyone can attain these bomb birthday hats. Even though Sunday was her birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEY! There's your shoutout my sis. Now, let's get to it. SUPPLIES: Toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls Scissors ...

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The Best Chest

Before getting into this post, I want you to do something for me. Close your eyes for 15 seconds (well finish reading this sentence first), and think of that piece of furniture you have that you don't like, but need it for it's functioning purposes. Okay, go. I'm sure something came to mind - whether that's a chest, a chair, a cupboard - or anything. Doesn't have to start with a "c" like those three - I just like being creative, ha-ha get it? Seriously! Dressers, chests, tables, all of ...

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