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Rustic, Whitewash Sign

Wow... am I the only one who realizes I haven't posted a single post in about a month? Geeze, time flies when everything's changing! Between recruitment, returning from a prolonged vacay, and getting make in the normal routine with school starting in a few days, it's definitely been a bit chaotic around Baton Rouge. In the midst of all this chaos, I thought, why not do a blog post? We are on the third round of recruitment, with one left to go, then bid day and all it's hoopla, but I figured a ...

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Power Bank Tassel Keychain

Ah I'm so excited I found a not-so-complicated way to make a tutorial on these tassels! I've made tons of tassel earrings before, but there was never had it down to a complete "science" or sequence of steps to write down. Instead, I just kind of wing it have my own secret formula. Like major top secret, higher than the Krabby Patty formula's secret... But instead of working on the things that I can't write about, let's focus on what I can write about - these adorable tassel power bank ...

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Updated Dresser: Agate Stone Knobs + Distressed Appearance

In the spirit of bringing back old posts and making them better than ever, I've come upon one of my favorite posts to date. My dresser is the same one I've had since I was little, and works fine (minus a few creaks and squeaks here and there) so I have no reason to ever discard it. And since I just got a new replacement sleigh bed (RIP the first one... the flood takes all), the distressed look brings out the dark wood underneath, and will match the sleigh bed perfectly. Got a different kind of ...

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